Do you remember the day you started noticing your parents getting old? I do, and it was painful.

Her face, once smooth and rosy on the cheeks, was now tinted with sallowness and engraved with lines and folds of skin, the telltale signs of ageing.

His vision was once as sharp as a hawk. Now, everything is always too far, too near or too dark.

They started to forget things, like where they put away their glasses, keys, or why they were suddenly standing in the middle of the kitchen.

They started getting out of breath more easily, often puffing and blowing after going up just a small flight of stairs.

I was determined to put up a good fight — if I can’t reverse the effects of their senescence, I will at least try to defer them! We can do it with a well-balanced diet, plus the necessary supplements to counter each of the symptoms. It can be done!


Except, it is hard to keep track of all the nutrients you need and the food from which you can get them. Vitamins A for your eyes, carotenoids for the collagen in your skin, Omega-3 for your cardiovascular health, not to mention protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates, zinc, selenium……

If only all these were conveniently packed into one single source, staying healthy would be so much easier. So, I set out to look for such “super food”, and lo and behold, it does exist!

Gac fruit, also famously hailed as “the fruit from heaven”, has just about everything you need — anti-ageing nutrients for your skin, essentials for vision protection, heart-healthy fatty acids, memory-improving carotenoids, you name it.

I learnt how to process the fruit into the more easily consumable form of juices, and started letting my family drink them regularly. Now, it still amazes us how simple it is for us to get so much health benefits from this one fruit.

I thought it’s a shame that this heavenly fruit is not more well-known in Malaysia than it deserves. It is not sold commonly on the market, so even those few who might have heard of it would have a hard time to get hold of the fruit.

I know many Malaysians are also facing the same problems I did. Therefore, it is in a mission to share this wonderful solution with everyone, that I founded Juice 4 You. I hope that with our carefully prepared formulae, you will be able to stay healthy in a simple and delicious way!

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