Gac Variety Jumbo Pack
(300ml x 24 bottles)

Gac Variety Jumbo Pack
(300ml x 24 bottles)


Includes a 6-pack of each flavour:
-Gac Original x 6
-Gac Mix Mango x 6
-Gac Mix Passion Fruit x 6
-Gac Mix Pineapple x 6

– Gac fruit is rich in Vitamins A, C and E, which helps protect collagen fibers from being broken down, keep our skin firm and young looking.

– Carotenoids in the Gac fruit are crucial to prevent skin wrinkles, improve our vision, sharpen our mind, safeguard us from diseases, and help delay the aging process.

– Natural carotenoids in the Gac fruit are found to have superior bioavailability (easier for the body to absorb and use) than other fruits and vegetables.


No preservative: Please keep refrigerated and drink within one week.


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(300ml x 24 bottles)”

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